American Rental, Blockbuster Video Leave Annandale

A roundup of the five of the latest most recent vacancies in Annandale. Which stores have been replaced and which storefronts are still available for lease?

7254 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Photo Credit: Sherell Williams
7254 Columbia Pike, Annandale. Photo Credit: Sherell Williams
Annandale has seen a lot of businesses come and go in the last year. Here are five of the most recent vacancies in Annandale.

  1. 7254 Columbia Pike: This vacant storefront once housed the American Rental store before it relocated to a new space in Springfield. Residents said they'd like to see a pub in the comments on the Visions for Vacancies post last week.
  2. 7448 Little River Tpke: This address is the former location of Blockbuster Video, which closed earlier this year in May after the company announced its plans to close several of its locations. The video store will be replaced by an Advanced Auto Parts.

    ReadBlockbuster Leaves Annandale

  3. 7130 Little River Tpke: The Frame Factory store used to be located at this address. The property's been vacant for more than a year and used primarily as an additional parking lot for Antiques & Art Emporium customers.

    ReadFormer Frame Factory Property Still Vacant Almost a Year Later

  4. 7432 Little River Tpke: This storefront located in the Little River Shopping Center and the former location of the Hallmark store actually isn't vacant anymore. A Korean fashion store called TRY leased the property a little more than a year ago. Read: TRY Fashion Store Now Open
  5. 7354 Little River Turnpike: Another storefront that used to be vacant, but is now currently occupied. The former location of Annandale Design & Flowers is now the home of a Korean-language bookstore. 

AIDA ABUZAYYAD August 06, 2013 at 12:12 PM
' Try fashion' is an oxymoron and anything but fashionable! It's a store for cheap underwear!!!!!! What a far cry from the highly needed Hallmark gift shop! Alas for Annandale of yesteryear. Now Annandale is a foreign country, which turned into a big greasy kitchen!!!!!


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