Local Author is MMA Sponsor

Local Fairfax, VA author Phillip Allen Humphries is a Mixed Martial Arts sponsor.  Humphries, who wrote the new martial fantasy thriller "Legend of the Four Dragons Sword" currently for sale on amazon.com, is a sponsor of MMA-insider.com interviews of the Tri City Thunder 2 and Fight Lab 34 MMA events held on Saturday 16 November.  The novel, advertised in Black Belt and TaeKwonDo Times magazines, is also being promoted by Titans of the Cage MMA's cage girls and announcers at MMA events.  A promo ad for the book will appear in upcoming 2014 issues of Ultimate MMA magazine, as well as Kung Fu-Tai Chi magazine. MMA and UFC fans, check out the new book on MMA-insider.com's website and on Amazon, where it is available in paperback & Kindle edition.  Humphries has a self defense column on AllExperts.com and holds a 5th Dan with USA Martial Arts Alliance.


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