Rebuilding Together (Christmas in April)

Rebuilding Together                (Christmas in April)

by Bart Marcois

Twenty-six volunteers from the Annandale and Little River congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in cooperation with the Annandale Christian Community in Action (ACCA), turned out to help with this year’s Rebuilding Together project, supplying over 200 volunteer hours to the effort.  

Over 70 people participated throughout the day, representing a total of nine ACCA member churches, the United Bank and John Harley Associates.  

Volunteers made major repairs at a home in Falls Church to a deck and steps, painted and replaced the roof on a shed, repaired a broken window, replaced downspouts, gutters and drainpipes, and did extensive yard cleanup. Inside, they painted the kitchen, installed several electric outlets and smoke alarms, and made other minor repairs.  The home was transformed during the course of the day, with more than 2 tons of trash and yard waste hauled away.

ACCA Rebuilding Together Chair Marie Monsen summed up the spirit of the volunteers saying, "When we help our neighbors, we build community and God's grace flows to us and through us." 

This year marked ACCA's 25th year of participation in the program that was previously known as Christmas in April, and the 5th year that the Annandale LDS congregation has participated in the program.  

Brother Richard Magleby, the Annandale congregation liaison with ACCA, commented, “This program marks a growing symbiosis between the LDS community and the other churches in ACCA.  The Annandale congregation has gained a reputation for reliability in supplying volunteers, and the other churches supply some volunteers and additional support in terms of funding and program management.  It is clear that the Rebuilding Together Projects are growing stronger each year, particularly in building trust and community.”


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