Your August 2013 Love, Marriage and Divorce Horoscope


LEO- Any new projects (like DIVORCE) that you start at this time will become the center of your world for quite a while. Keep in mind that divorce is a huge amount of work and if you don’t want that burden right now don’t bite off your nose to spite your face.


VIRGO-This is a good period of time for you to figure out your life for the next year. Consider this like January 1; a time for reflection and for the making of resolutions.


LIBRA-This is a month that tempts you with the excitement of adventure. Leaving rather than dealing with the issues at home and at work is not necessarily the best course of action.


SCORPIO- Opportunity is in the air. Pay attention to those you value while expanding your horizons.


SAGITTARIUS- You too have loads of favorably potential circumstances. Go forth and conquer your world!


CAPRICORN- Life has been off kilter and now is the time to start setting things straight. Things might be bumpy in that pursuit but remain confident and feel empowered.


AQUARIUS-You have been distracted in your relationships. Be open and available to different points of view and be willing to compromise.


PISCES- Live and let live. Change and its challenges are in the air. This is a good time for a “new you”.


ARIES- Marriages are in flux right now. Stop looking over your shoulder to define your relationships, forget and forgive.


TAURUS- Shira princess of power or Superman!- You are a powerhouse right now! You are assertive, willing to speak up for yourself, and a good thing too.


GEMINI- You are at your most creative and social this month. This affords lots of opportunities as well as possible challenges.


CANCER- You are energized this month . You should examine your financial life thoroughly. Life at home is happy.


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