UPDATE: Central Fairfax County Under Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Area could see thunderstorm between 4-8 p.m., according to The Weather Channel.

UPDATE: Fairfax County is under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning Thursday afternoon until 5:30 PM. NWS map
UPDATE: Fairfax County is under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning Thursday afternoon until 5:30 PM. NWS map
UPDATE: The NWS has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for central Fairfax County, until 5:30 p.m.


The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Fairfax County until 8 p.m.

If the area does see thunderstorms, they are likely to hit between 4 to 8 p.m., according to the hourly forecast from The Weather Channel.

Share these lightning safety tips from Fairfax County:
At the first clap of thunder, go indoors or into an enclosed vehicle. Remain inside until 30 minutes after the last thunderclap.

Stay updated about approaching thunderstorms by signing up for the Community Emergency Alert Network(CEAN), which sends emergency alerts and day-to-day updates about severe weather and traffic to registered users.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also provides these safety tips:

  • Monitor developing thunderstorms. The “Flash to Bang” method can help estimate your distance from lightning. If you see lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear thunder. Divide the number of seconds by five to get the distance in miles.
  • If you can hear thunder, seek shelter.  Even if it is not raining, lightning can strike within 10 miles of an area that is experiencing rain.
  • Stop all outdoor activities at the first clap of thunder to give yourself time to move indoors. Leaders of outdoor events should have a plan for moving participants inside.
  • If you cannot go indoors, squat low to the ground to make yourself the smallest target possible. Go to a low-lying area and stay away from trees, poles and metal objects.
  • Avoid electrical equipment, plumbing, windows and concrete floors and walls when indoors.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if someone has been struck by lightning. People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge.


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