Shoveling Snow Today? Here's Some Advice

Some advice on snow removal.

By Rachel Hatzipanagos

Fairfax County officials published the following tips on how to shovel snow safely today: 
  • Shovel small amounts of snow at a time.
  • Push the snow instead of lifting where possible.
  • Use proper form if lifting is necessary: keeping your back straight and lift with your legs.
  • If you have a history of heart disease do not shovel without your doctor’s okay.
  • Avoid shoveling under snow and ice covered trees and roof lines due to possibly falling limbs, ice and snow.
  • Take breaks while shoveling and do not overexert yourself, especially if you are inactive or over 40.
  • Dress in layers and wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Watch where you are walking, even a little bit of snow can hide curbs and uneven walkways.
  • Take off your boots or use a floor mat when you go back inside to avoid making floors slippery and hazardous.


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