Step Inside Breeze Café and Experience The Cultural Fusion

The new cafe is already a popular venue in Annandale

Breeze Bakery Café on Hummer Rd is one the newest businesses to the Annandale area, but the business is quickly becoming a favorite among Annandale residents. The café, which opened in August 2010, is the sister company of the Yechon restaurant next door. Thanks to the backgrounds of the top manager and top chef at the restaurant, Breeze Café offers Korean-style baked goods and gelato, Italian-style ice cream, giving the café it's unique menu of bakery items and Italian-style coffees.

The Manager, Jong Chan Lee, who arrived not long ago from Korea and is quickly learning to speak English said, [Associate Phoebe Lee translates.] "Considering tht there has been no advertising, the café is quite busy. Because we are a sister company to Yechon Restaurant, it's common for people to come here right after being there. Yechon is open 24 hours. Breeze Café is open from 8 a.m. to midnight, so if [Yechon is] busy, it's likely that we'll be busy too."

Lee said Breeze Café is a bakery and café. However, their baked treats are Korean-style and are being introduced as an alternative to the usual bakery items. He said although they are Korean, they are more specifically unique in that the collection of pastries have been created by pastry chefs who have their own unique creative styles.  Some of the pastries found at Breeze will not be found elsewhere. Lee also added that what's on the menu now is only a portion of the planned selections of bakery items.

After the bakery the next customer favorite is the gelato. It is made with only a third of the amount of sugar  found in the average popular ice cream. It also has a very smooth texture, condensed yet at the same time light, melting on the tongue because of the preparation process.  The café offers Italian style coffee, another customer favorite.

Thuy Pham and Thuydy Bui are high school friends who said they come to the café all the time.  Thuy Pham said, "We like to come here to hang out," said Pham. "The atmosphere is beautiful. We like the design. It's welcoming." Bui said, "We come here every week.  We love their cake designs." Bui said she has already bought two cakes for her birthday from here. "They taste very good." Pham said.

Yen Phung came to Breeze Café yesterday and liked it so much she thought to bring her friends Linda Richardson and Harold Dillon to visit the café. "Coming to Breeze Café was something nice to do on a Friday night." said Phung. Richardson enjoyed the terrace upstairs in the café and said she was surprised to find a locale like Breeze Café right here in Annandale. "I like the flowers. They're real, pink, and spectacular!" said Richardson. Both Richardson and Dillon sampled the gelato, which Dillon described as having a "taffy-like feel" with refreshing flavor.

Breeze Café is an ideal location any time of the day, whether you're in the mood for fine baked treats, coffee, or just gelato. Enjoy it all in a beautifully designed atmosphere.


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