Construction of New Walgreens Will Start in September

The company expects to have their second site plan approved in four to six weeks and hopes to begin construction in eight weeks.

Construction on the new Walgreens being built on the former site of will begin in early September, pending site plan approval from Fairfax County.

Michael Keith, a senior project manager with Urban Ltd., told the Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee (ACBDPC) on Tuesday that Walgreens will spend the next four to six weeks waiting on site plan and approval and they hope to begin construction in eight weeks.

On June 27, the first site plan submission for the Walgreens, per standard procedure.

According to Elizabeth McKeeby with Walsh and Colucci and a representative for Walgreens, the second site plan submission is likely to be the final plan. The revised plan presented on Tuesday included recommended changes from county comments and from members of the ACBDPC committee. [See full designs of the Walgreens on pages at right or download the full Board Agenda packet here and view pages 25-31.]

McKeeby also confirmed that the company is waiting on the approval of a waiver from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) before they resubmit the site plan to Fairfax County.

Keith said residents would only be able to turn right into the property from entrances on Backlick Road and Little River Turnpike (Route 236). In accordance with a suggestion from VDOT, the company has restricted left turns onto the property from Backlick Road to avoid traffic congestion. However, cars will be able to exit left or right onto Backlick Road.

The property will also include two bike backs, a few benches, eight acorn lights and brick pavers along the roads surrounding the site. The drive-thru pharmacy part of the store will face Columbia Pike and will have two lanes, a passing lane and one for use by drive-thru customers.

Some members of the ACBDPC committee expressed concern with residents seeing only a solid brick wall when they view the store from Columbia Pike. Keith agreed and offered to speak with the company’s architect about potentially making that site of the building more than just brick.

Prior to being purchased by Walgreens, the property was home to a Three Chef’s restaurant and later, a Fuddruckers.


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