Dominion Launches New Energy Conservation Programs

The programs aren't free, but are designed to save homeowners money in the long run.

Dominion makes money based on the amount of electricity it sells its customers, but, the hitch is, there's only so much power on the grid to go around.

That's why the utility company has launched four new energy conservation programs to teach homeowners how to cut back electricity usage and save money in the long run, explained Le-Ha Anderson, a spokeswoman for Dominion.

And, as it turns out, autumn is the "perfect time" to audit your home's energy appetite, Anderson said.

The new programs include:

Home Energy Check-Up

  • Homeowners can hire a participating contractor (selected from a list of contractors on Dominion's website) to conduct a home energy audit.
  • If the homeowner chooses to implement some or all of the recommendations outlined in the audit, a portion of the audit cost will be paid for by Dominion, up to $230.

Duct Testing and Sealing Program

  • Homeowners can hire a participating contractor to conduct duct testing and sealing throughout a home.
  • Dominion customers are eligible to receive a $150 check rebate for completing this program, after they file the appropriate paperwork.

Heat Pump Tune-Up Program

  • If homeowners hire a participating contractor to tune up an exisiting heat pump, Dominion will offer a one-time rebate of $90.

Heat Pump Upgrade Program

  • If a homeowner's heat pump needs to be completely replaced (as determined by a pre-qualified contractor), Dominion will contribute up to $250 toward the cost of that new pump, based on the pump's efficiency. Some pump models are only qualified for a $200 rebate.

These programs are open to all Dominion customers in single family dwellings in Virginia. Some townhomes are eligible, too. Visit the Dominion website for more details about the conservation programs.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that data centers in the region are wasting a lot of energy: "Data centers in Northern Virginia now consume almost 500 million watts of electricity," said Jim Norvelle, a spokesman for Dominion Virginia Power. "Dominion estimates that the load could rise to more than a billion watts over the next five years."


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