Restaurant Inspections: Cafe Chocolate, Bang-Ga-Nee

The most recently available restaurant inspection reports in the Annandale-area.

The state health department recently inspected a few restaurants in the Annandale-area.

For prior restaurant inspection reports, click here.

In Virginia, restaurant inspection reports aren't quite as simple as getting a letter grade or an easy-to-see number rating to post in the front window.

That said, we all want to know how our favorite restaurants stack up on cleanliness and sanitation. Inspectors grade restaurants based on critical and non-critical violations.

A "critical violation" is one that "poses a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served." Non-critical violations are generally related to cleaning or maintenance.

"Ideally, an operation would have no critical violations, or none which are not corrected immediately and not repeated. In our experience, it is unrealistic to expect that a complex, full-service food operation can routinely avoid any violations," according to Virginia Department of Health's website.

The site continues: "Keep in mind that any inspection report is a 'snapshot' of the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have fewer or more violations than noted in the report. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment."

Below, find the latest restaurant inspection from the Virginia Department of Health. These inspections reflect visits from inspectors during the last few weeks. Some of the violations were corrected immediately during the recent inspections.

The full reports can be accessed on the health department's website.

Cafe Chocolate

7129 Little River Turnpike
Date:  Dec. 2
Number of Violations: 5 critical, 1 non-critical

  • Critical Repeat Upon discussion with the person-in-charge, one or more of the elements of an effective employee health policy is either missing or incomplete. A complete employee health policy is required to be in place at the food establishment. At the time of this inspection, the Health Department provided and reviewed handouts and resource information in a red folder labeled "Employee Health Policy."
  • Critical The tags for the molluscan shellfish are not being retained for 90 days. The identity of the source of shellstock (oysters, clams, mussels) that are sold or served shall be maintained by retaining shellstock tags or labels for 90 calendar days from the date when the last shellstock from the container is sold or served using one of the following methods: 1) an approved record keeping system that keeps the tags or labels in chronological order correlated to the date when the last shellstock from a container are sold or served, 2) preserving source identification by using a record keeping system, and 3) ensuring that shellstock from one tagged or labeled container are not commingled with shellstock from another container with different certification numbers, different harvest dates, or different growing areas as identified on the tag or label before being ordered by the consumer.
  • Critical Raw animal food holding in a manner that may cause cross contamination of ready-to-eat food as follows: Delfield 3dr: raw shelled eggs stored over ready to eat rice, and kimchi. Food shall be protected from cross contamination by separating raw animal foods like poultry, beef, pork, seafood, and eggs during holding from ALL other foods such as cooked foods, ready-to-eat foods, washed produce, etc. MANAGER PLACED RAW SHELLED EGGS ON LOWER SHELF.
  • Critical The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device: Beverage Air 2dr: 48F 1. eggs 46F Potentially hazardous foods (time/temperature control for safety food) shall be held cold at a temperature of 41°F or below unless the permit holder is using "time as public health control" as specified under 3-501.19 to limit bacteria growth. MANAGER LOWERED TEMPERATURE OF REFRIGERATION UNIT.
  • Corrected During Inspection Critical Restricted, commercial use pesticides present in the facility are applied by the operator who is not a certified pesticide applicator. OBSERVED A CAN OF PESTICIDE IN THE ESTABLISHMENT. Because of their toxicity, restricted use pesticides must be applied by a certified pesticide applicator to prevent injury and contamination. CHEMICAL WAS REMOVED FROM THE RESTAURANT.

Baden Baden

7358 Little River Turnpike

Date: Dec. 18

Number of Violations: 5 non-critical

  • Corrected During Inspection Observed that sign or poster that notifies food employees to wash their hands is not provided at all handwashing sinks used by food employees. Provide a sign or poster at all handwashing sinks used by food employees that reminds food employees to wash their hands.
  • The nonfood-contact surface of the following equipment is not corrosion resistant, nonabsorbent, and/or smooth: Aluminum foil covering shelving and table covers Non-food contact surfaces of equipment that are exposed to splash, spillage, or other foods that require frequent cleaning shall be constructed of a corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth material.
  • Repeat Observed that the 1. Floor tiles by the bar area 2. Wall by the dry storage ice maker 3. step to the walk in cooler is not maintained in good repair. Repair the physical facilities. Poor repair and maintenance compromises the functionality of the physical facilities.
  • Observed that items that are unnecessary to the operation or maintenance of the establishment are being stored on the premises. OBSERVED EQUIPMENT SUCH AS THE BEVERAGE AIR COOLER, 1 DR TRUE REACH IN COOLER, ICE MAKER THAT IS NO LONGER FUNCTIONING STORED IN THE KITCHEN. Remove unnecessary items, including equipment which is no longer in use, from the premises to allow for regular and effective cleaning and to prevent harborage conditions.
  • Observed that inadequate lighting was provided in the dry storage areas. Increase the lighting to provide a minimum of 10 foot candles at a distance of 30 inches off of the floor in these areas. REPLACE THE LIGHT BULB.


6499 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria
Date: Dec. 2
Number of Violations: 1 critical, 1 non-critical
  • Corrected During Inspection Observed the handsink behind the cash register being used to rinse out a glass. Handsinks are to be used only for washing hands to encourage proper hand washing and to prevent contamination of cleaned hands. DISCUSSED WITH MANAGER.
  • Corrected During Inspection Critical Raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food in the following refrigeration units: 1) Observed raw beef being stored over cooked chicken in True 2DR upright cooler, 2) Observed raw shell eggs being stored over cooked sausage in Beverage Air 3DR Display Cooler. Raw foods like poultry, beef, pork, seafood, and eggs shall be stored properly inside refrigerators and freezers to prevent cross contamination. Raw foods shall be stored on shelving units BELOW or SEPARATED from all cooked foods, commercially processed foods, washed produce, leftover foods, etc.


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