Springfield Mall: Health Club, Movie Theater in Redevelopment Plans

All stores except anchor stores to close in July.

The new Springfield Town Center will feature a health club, a movie theater and a "restaurant row" of between eight and ten restaurants, according to Mike McClanahan, chief of staff for Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay (D).

"The project's under way," McClanahan said at a community meeting last week organized by the Lee District Association of Civic Associations. "Everyone's meeting with everyone."

In July, (with the exception of Macy's, Target and JCPenney) will close to allow for construction. 

The renovation of Springfield Mall is Phase I of a four-part plan to transform the 80-acre site into Springfield Town Center, Fairfax County's Office of Revitalization and Reinvestment told Patch in March.

Phase II will consist of new buildings on the mall's perimeter, with ground-floor retail and upper-floor office space. Phase III will feature a stand-alone high-quality and high-density hotel and office space. Phase IV will complete the town center, with apartments and condominiums.

The mall's owner, New York-based Vornado Realty Trust, has a financial incentive to avoid construction delays, according to McClanahan. For every month that the mall is closed, McClanahan said, Vornado loses $1 million.

The mall property will open long before the rest of the Town Center, which may include office space and residential development, but entire project is expected to take around 10 years.

At the meeting, McClanahan said that the economic climate in Springfield was improving.

"The blight is gone for the most part," he said, citing the recently-opened . 

Alexandra August 20, 2012 at 06:34 PM
This doesn't sound much like a "Town Center"/shopping mall, it sounds like their planning moslty for housing and offices, neither of which we need more of in that already congested, traffic area. When they rebuild the mall as a more upscale town center, and in addition to the theatres and restaurants, I hope they also add back the retail shops & services like they had in the mall previously....THAT is what we need in that spot so we don't have to travel all the way to Tysons Corner, Pentagon City or Fair Oaks. The residents of Annandale, Springfield, Burke and Alexandria who used to shop there as their main mall, would be delighted to have Springfield Mall back (but transformed into more upscale, rennovated town center style). if you build it, they will come :-)
AND August 20, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Alexandria - I'm not sure how you get that based on this article? It sounds exactly like a "Town Center"/mall to me. Obviously the mall building is not going anywhere and the addition of restaurant row, movie theater, etc sound exactly like Tysons. In fact, I would argue that Springfield needs a health club and new restaurants and that adding those into the mall project will allow for more a "Town Center" development than just replacing the tiles and adding new stores to the mall.
Alexandra August 20, 2012 at 07:13 PM
And, In this article, it states clearly that Phase II, Phase III and iV are planned for high-density office space, hotel, apartments, and condos, and it does not much about stores, except for mentioning it as "ground-floor retail". So I'm just saying it would be good if they include some of the major shops and various services the other malls offer to make it complete. I agree, the whole place needs an overhaul to breathe new life into and briinging in a health club, movie theatre and restaurant row will certainly be a welcome and well needed addition. In its heyday, Springfield Mall used to be thriving, and it offered a vast array of services....specialty shops, high end dept. stores, restaurants, DMV, movie theatres, and it had a health club, too, which was always full. So that is what I am hoping to see renewed- not just stores and a new look, but a thriving, good mix of businesses for the community (not mostly offices, condos, apartments, etc., which will only add to the traffic jams and parking problems).
AND August 20, 2012 at 07:20 PM
I think what you are referring to is all coming in the first phase of the development. Everything else such as the condos and office space are secondary to the mall re-opending
Alexandra August 20, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Yes, that's the order it is scheduled for and the smartest way to do it financially so that there they get people interested and have an influx coming in with while they build out the rest. But like I said, my main concern is that I hope it will remain more of a shopping mall/ community town center mainly and not get all swallowed up by to much office space, housing, etc. such as what happened to Pentagon Row and Fairfax Corner. Both places are nice, but a real problem to find parking space, overcrowded, etc. Hope they will take all that into consideration when rebuilding the different phases of it.


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