Historic Franconia Map Prints for Sale

"Franconia: Then and Now" artwork by Nathaniel C. Lee
"Franconia: Then and Now" artwork by Nathaniel C. Lee
"Franconia: Then and Now" is a hand-drawn historic map of the Lee District area now on display at the Franconia Museum.

This pen-and-ink drawing by local resident Nathaniel Lee blends both modern roadways and historic landmarks to better orient the viewer around the centuries of history hidden just under the surface of today's residential community.  Inspired by the works of Waterford, Virginia mapmaker Eugene M. Scheel, this artwork also features nine architecturally prominent churches and houses of the area's past along with their poignant stories.  The goal of the artist is to help people better appreciate the history that they are driving past every day.  One only needs to slow down to look and appreciate the roots of a community that extend back to the colonial days.  They can still be found if one looks in the right places, and now they are marked for you!

The artwork is on display at the Franconia Museum inside the Franconia Governmental Center at 6121 Franconia Road in Alexandria.  Come visit!  Prints are available for purchase.  Borderless matte prints at 20 in. x 30 in. are $40 and bordered display prints at 18 in. x 24 in. are $15.  Mail-order forms available upon request.  Feel free to contact the artist, Nathaniel Lee, with comments or questions at ncareylee@gmail.com or 703.350.2104.


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