Last Week to Register -Childbirth Class

Essential Empowering Education for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Beyond    

Oct 6 –Nov 24   Sundays 4-6 p.m.

In this 8-week course, two Yogini-Doulas and experienced mothers, partner together to provide essential information while fostering a strong community of group support for the journey into parenthood.  


-          This class is aimed at fostering a sense of community among the group.  We will create opportunities for couples to make new friends with others going through a similar experience.  Each week, we will check in with both birth partners and Moms, allowing time to share about the experience of pregnancy.  


-          Our essential topics are created to be specifically useful –not to bog you down with too much information.  However, we are open and flexible to discussing topics that best suit you and your partner.


-          We believe in Empowering Moms -not scaring them!  We believe that Moms can be empowered to have the birth they want at the location and with the care provider they desire.  We are lucky to have so many choices, which can be different for each person.  


-We believe in empowering the birth partner to feel prepared and confident about the birth process.  Drawing from our doula background, we will show specific techniques for soothing, coaching, and assisting a laboring Mom.  


-We will have several guest speakers, such as a Midwife, a Labor and Delivery Nurse, a Physical Therapist specializing in the pelvic floor, and a Lactation Consultant

Classes held at Little River Yoga (South Studio), 6399 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312

Cost:  $225

Register at: http://tinyurl.com/PrenatalEducation

For more info: blissbirthyoga@gmail.com /blissbirthyoga.com


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