Update: Misspelled Annandale Sign Now Fixed

The sign had read 'No Aloholic Beverges'.

The Annandale misspelled sign that read “No Aloholic Beverges” has been fixed as of Tuesday morning.

“We encourage any other spellcheckers out there to let us know if there are other signs that need our attention,” said Judy Pedersen, public information officer for the Fairfax County Park Authority.

The sign in question was at Broyhill Crest Park. The front of the sign had all the correct spelling, but the back of the sign had the alternative language.

The signage had caught some attention and teasing on Reddit over the weekend which prompted an article on Patch Tuesday, but the sign itself has been there much longer then that, Pedersen said.

“We like to say our old sign maker was recycling before recycling was cool. That sign was 30 years old and was made with hand tools. At the time, the wood was hard to find so occasionally signs were reused,” Pedersen explained.

Signs are now made with recycled synthetic materials and there is a spell check process that takes place, Pedersen said.


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