Letter to the Editor: Kaye Kory Responds to Firing of UVA President Theresa Sullivan

Kory, who represents the 38th District in the House of Representatives, said she's disappointed with the decision.

Recent headlines demonstrate the increasingly breathtaking arrogance of power displayed by our elected and appointed public leaders in Virginia. More and more those entrusted with safeguarding the well-being of the hard-working citizens of this Commonwealth seem to confuse their personal agendas with those of the people whom they serve.

The UVA Board of Visitors' shocking and sudden firing of UVA's President, Theresa Sullivan, is a great example. After a much-publicized talent search by the Board of Visitors (BOV) culminated in hiring Theresa Sullivan to lead the University of Virgina less than two years ago, this same group of Governor McDonnell's appointees has summarily dismissed her with neither a public warning nor a public explanation.

The ensuing uproar at UVA and throughout the state has not dented that
righteous arrogance one iota. I am more than disappointed that our Governor has not demanded an immediate and public accounting of the decisions made by those whom he has appointed to oversee our flagship university. Is this a clash of visions for the future of higher education? Is this an example of corporate takeover of education? Is this a display of arrogance so sweeping that those who wield the power actually believe that the public does not deserve accountability?

Kaye Kory
VA House of Delegates
38th District


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