Fairfax Police Patrol for Drunk Drivers, Charge Four with DWI

Officers in West Springfield patrolled for drunk drivers last weekend and issued summonses, warnings to drivers.

West Springfield District Station officers charged drivers with DWI last weekend. Patch File Photo.
West Springfield District Station officers charged drivers with DWI last weekend. Patch File Photo.
At least four drivers were charged with drunken driving (DWI) during directed patrols by the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) last weekend, according to the latest crime reports from the department.

In West Springfield, no drivers were charged with DWI during the directed patrol on Dec. 6, but two summonses and 17 warnings were issued. One driver was charged with DWI and 14 warnings were issued during the patrol on Dec. 7.

During patrols by the Operational Support Bureau, one criminal charge was made, two drivers were charged with DWI, 30 summonses and five warnings were issued on Dec. 6. One driver was charged with DWI, nine summonses and two warnings were issued on Dec. 7.

FCPD have increased their directed patrols searching for drunk drivers for the month of December due to the holiday season. Back in November around Thanksgiving, officers from the West Springfield District Station charged two drivers with DWI, issued 10 warnings and charged two drivers with criminal charges.

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Vincent Careatti December 11, 2013 at 08:58 AM
Great that this ONE crackdown went down. Since there has been a dramatic increase in car deaths many preventable by use of seat belts how about a month it two of crackdown. Virginia drivers still don't know the law re: texting because at every traffic light I see a head down a fast glance up and then back to texting. I've been behind drivers who don't know the light as turned green. Our police need to be more proactive in enforcement. I've called Kaye Kory's office and suggested that she introduce legislation to require VDOT to use the variable message boards for safety info to reinforce the law. Nothing has been done. We know the DC line is 9 minutes away (the usual message on one of the boards) but why is that important on signs that costs millions of dollars?


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