Photos: Bob McDonnell, Tagg and Ben Romney Visit Hope Chinese School

The Virginia governor and sons of Mitt Romney visited students and their parents during a swing state visit focused on getting out the Asian-American vote.

Gov. Bob McDonnell visited Hope Chinese School with Tagg and Ben Romney, sons of Gov. Mitt Romney, Sunday afternoon in an effort to court Asian-American voters ahead of the election on Tuesday.

McDonnell and the Romney sons met with around 75 students and their parents, taking photos, signing Romney/Ryan stickers and accepting gifts from students during the visit. Hope Chinese School staff also gave McDonnell backpacks and other supplies to donate toward Hurricane Sandy relief.

McDonnell told the crowd that Romney believes deeply in religious and political freedom and spoke about Romney's commitment to getting young people back to work and getting the country out of debt.

"I'm supporting Mitt Romney partly because he's a great leader. He's a man of great faith, he's got a great love for America and he wants to bring people together," said McDonnell.

"There are a lot of challenges facing America right now and my dad is the guy to go in and get things done," said Ben. "[My dad] is on the side of the American people."

Tagg echoed his brother's sentiments,

Following their stop in Annandale, McDonnell and the Romneys visited West Springfield High School. Gov. Mitt Romney is scheduled to visit George Mason University on Monday.


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