Womb with Two Views: Ken Cuccinelli on Contraception

The GOP candidate denies accusations he’d limit contraception. What do you think?

Ken Cuccinelli (Photo by James Cullum)
Ken Cuccinelli (Photo by James Cullum)

By Greg Hambrick

When GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli was in Loudoun County on Tuesday, he got into a sharp exchange over whether he would limit women’s access to contraception.

He says he wouldn’t. The non-partisan organization Politifact says that the “personhood” legislation Cuccinelli backed in 2007 would have limited “some forms of birth control,” though not all.

In his race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the female vote is seen as the difference between victory and defeat, and such social issues have been prominent in the campaign.

Are you concerned about Cuccinelli’s past support of “personhood’ legislation and its limits on contraception? Tell us in the comments below.

Barbara Hyde September 01, 2013 at 09:57 AM
Cuccinelli wants to limit certain sex practices between consenting adults under the guise "protecting children." He is anti-abortion and would close clinics offering poor women basic health services. He thinks the Silver Line is too expensive but spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars attempting to prosecute a climate change scientist whose scientific findings he disagrees with. He provides help to a foreign oil drilling company rather than the Virginia citizens who are suing it. He unabashedly takes gifts from Star Scientific. He would have campuses deny basic human rights to groups that are different from him, e.g., the LGBT community. This is a guy who campaigns on the platform of "less government" but who wants to use government intrusively to shape the citizens of Virginia into his own mold with his own extremist ideology. He is now trying to walk back his extreme positions so he can get elected. He is an extremist troglodyte from a medieval era. It's way too late Ken. We don't want to be like you and we certainly don’t think like you.
Kate September 01, 2013 at 10:04 AM
If a politician is pro-life, then they believe that life begins at conception. If life begins at conception, then many forms of birth control are, in fact, killing a human life, because they work after the fact of conception. If a politician is being consistent, then they would not be in favor of these types of birth control. This does not mean that they would actively try to ban these types of birth control necessarily. Even if he did, there are lots of ways to stop a baby from coming into this world... pick you poison.
Frederick C. Cassiday September 02, 2013 at 02:51 PM
I don't even want to discuss CooCoo's views, because like Mac A Hole, neither of the major party candidates can be trusted, regardless of their positions. I have and continue to support the only candidate running that the people of Virginia can trust, an Annandale native with the integrity to be honest when discussing his views, ROB SARVIS.
Todd Smyth September 04, 2013 at 08:21 PM
Kate, Cuccinelli has already actively worked to limit contraception, which is highlighted in this article. Cuccinelli has always been a narrow minded extremist who does not care what works best for most people. But now he has to pretend to be a moderate which is a farce. He has joked with his own supporters, that he has to talk a lot about transportation in order to lead the fight to make abortion illegal. He is a fraud and a crook who also accepts gifts that would be illegal in almost every other state. Virginia has gone from the best managed state, best state for business and best state to raise a child under Democratic Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to a national laughing stock where the Republicans loot the Governor's mansion. We can not let this happen again. In stark contrast, we have Democrats across the board focused on common sense solutions and we need to get back on track and get Virginia moving forward again.
Barbara Glakas September 05, 2013 at 09:35 AM
I agree with Todd. Cuccinelli has a long and extensive record on being anti-abortion and anti-birth control. His recent tune of “Government doesn’t have a role in contraception” is deceiving at best. Much like abortion, when he and the extreme House of Delegates were unsuccessful at creating a law that outright bans abortion, he just chipped away at it by supporting laws which caused abortion clinics to close, making it difficult to access abortion services. The fact that he says he will be “hands off” about contraception, means he will not protect a woman’s right to access it. On abortion Cuccinelli has said, “The ultimate goal which is to make abortion disappear in America and make people want it that way.” He also said, “Most women who have abortions feel pressured into having them.” He introduced a bill that carried criminal penalties for doctors performing abortions, he co-sponsored a personhood bill, and he opposed abortion in the case of rape, incest, and the health of the woman. On contraception, Cuccinelli supported abstinence-only education, he co-sponsored a bill making it harder for minors to obtain birth control, and he fought against the Affordable Care Act coverage of contraception, calling it “the sterilization mandate.” Cuccinelli will not suddenly change his views if he were to become Governor. Like Todd said, we need to move Virginia forward instead of backward.


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