FCPS Requires Vaccinations for School Enrollment

School-required immunizations at county health clinics are free of charge. Some clinics will offer extended hours beginning Aug. 20.

Buying school supplies, shopping for new clothes for growing children and getting kids back on a regular schedule is all part of getting ready to go back to school. Another part of the equation: Making sure your children are vaccinated. While some might think vaccinations are just for infants, you'd better read up.

In Fairfax County, when schools open their doors for the 2012-2013 school year (in less than a month, on Sept. 4), one of the requirements is that students be caught up on their vaccinations.

A complete list of all required vaccinations for school is available on the Virginia Department of Health website.

If you want more clarification about the vaccines your child needs, the county has created a video (embedded above) for parents to watch, to get the scoop. 

The county has several clinics where parents can take their children to get immunized free of charge, including:

Mount Vernon District

Springfield District

Some clinics will offer extended hours, beginning Aug. 20. (See attached flier.)


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