Ravensworth Elementary Gardens Vandalized

Administrators discovered plants were missing from the garden upon returning from winter break

During the Thanksgiving holiday break, the gardens at were vandalized, according to the latest Keep in Touch e-mail sent out by the school.

The notice read in full:

"The holiday break was lovely and warm. Members of our Grow Team came to school to take advantage of ideal planting weather. Unfortunately, when they arrived they found several of the gardens disturbed – plants uprooted and or missing. It is indeed sad when someone destroys the hard work of others. The grow team, as well as girl and boy scout troops have put a great deal of energy into beautifying our grounds. If you pass the school, please take a second look and let us know if you see anything/anyone that looks like they are doing harm to the property. Extra eyes in the community are always appreciated."

Fairfax County Public Schools and Ravensworth principal Pam O'Connor said the Grow Team immediately replaced the stolen plants once they realized what happened to the plants.


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