Taking Photos of Fireworks? Tips Before You Shoot

Before you grab your camera, read up on these suggestions.

Trying to catch the beauty of sparklers or big bursts of fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July? Patch has some tips to share before you point and shoot.

1. Stand back! Fireworks are dangerous! Great pictures can be taken, but you'll have to lower the ISO (International Standards Organization) on your camera from its low manual setting if you're shooting at night. A lower ISO will mean less graininess, and you may also want to increase your shutter speed, which will minimize blur. Take your camera off Auto and put it on P (for Point and Shoot). Go into the Menu of your camera and you will most likely see a setting that says ISO. 

2. Take before, during and after pictures. Isn't it a shame that fireworks burn out so fast? They look so cool and then, 15 seconds later, the fun is over. 

3. Sometimes the picture isn't the fireworks, it's the expression on everyone's faces. Try focusing on the reaction of your family to an exploding fireworks display, and it may be more surprising than the explosions themselves!

4. Pretend you're a kid! Think about the experience of setting off fireworks, and how you can immortalize the moment with your camera. It may be a simple picture, or will be incredibly complicated. 

5. Use a tripod. Most likely your camera will be struggling to get photos that aren't blurry. 

Connie Marriott-Gangel July 04, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Love to be there


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